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One of the most important jobs of a video surveillance system is to provide documentation after a crime has occurred on your premises. Visual evidence is crucial for identifying burglars and other individuals, verifying the exact sequence of events, protecting yourself from liability and more.

For this reason, it is terrible to discover, when checking footage after a security breach happens, that a camera was not working at the time of the incident. Unfortunately, this is a very common story. Even if you have installed a quality camera system, without checking the equipment on a daily (or hourly) basis, important video evidence can be missed.

The Netwatch Platform is designed to eliminate this problem with our System Health Check feature. Our software makes sure your system is always on. Netwatch System Health Check will automatically ‘ping’ each system for any sign of failure. If something is not working, we receive a timely alert and we fix the problem – before it causes you to miss critical video.

Netwatch System Health Check automatically oversees thousands of devices and other elements on our client sites, including:

  • Cameras
  • Detection software
  • Servers
  • Audio
  • Power
  • Network stability

If any issues are detected, our software can automatically raise a ticket with our service department, send an alarm to the Monitoring Hub or send notification to the client. Your pre-defined protocol determines what action will be taken.

Your video system is only as good as its health every minute of the day. To make sure your premises are secure at all times, let the Netwatch Platform System Health Check keep a close watch on the connectivity to and between your devices.


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