Protect Your Process for Maturing Products at Your Distillery

Physical security and business continuity is essential for the distillery industry. Any disruption to production processes can have a detrimental effect on profitability and your brand reputation.  

Netwatch Managed Security Services help distilleries protect production and maturing processes, providing secure facilities for people, property and assets. With no upfront capital cost, Netwatch Managed Security Services provides everything you need to keep your facilities, employees, product and brand reputation safe and secure.   

What’s more, we understand the distillery business.  

Distilleries are a core area of security expertise at Netwatch. In fact, Netwatch Managed Services are at work across Ireland helping business operations like yours remain safe and productive. Our team of security specialists works closely with distilleries to help them best manage the journey from planning through to the production and maturing processes, while protecting their bonded warehouses, ensuring a safe and secure environment for their precious produce and brand.  


Longstanding Security Challenges Facing Distilleries:


Bonded warehouses require that strict security procedures are in place. Netwatch understands these requirements and can help distilleries maintain compliance.


Maintaining the integrity of your warehouse operations is vital to your business. Any damage to production or product maturing processes can cause irrevocable harm to your product, revenues and brand reputation. Our team of security and business intelligence experts can help maintain constant watch over every aspect of your operation.

Multiple Sites

Keeping close watch over multiple areas and sites can be difficult, and expensive. With Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring, you can cost-effectively implement remote video access across multiple locations via your phone/desktop – without compromising security.

Virtual Live Surveillance is the Solution for the Distillery Industry

Our innovative Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) solution provides distilleries with a highly effective and cost-efficient way to protect people, property, and assets. Our purpose-built solution and dedicated team of intervention specialists deliver the proven combination of manpower and technology to cost-effectively monitor and protect your distillery and its operations 24/7/365 with the highest levels of efficiency.

The moment a potential problem is detected, our expertly trained specialists verify and intervene as needed, providing live-personalised audio warnings, which have a 98% efficacy rate in deterring bad behaviour and stopping crimes. In fact, Netwatch PVM has proven effective in preventing over 80,000 crimes to date.

Here’s how it works…

Netwatch PVM enlists the expertise of our highly trained Intervention Specialists who have specialised skillsets to detect, analyse and address potential threats as they are unfolding in real-time. This enables them to respond instantly with the best course of action to de-escalate or minimise harm to people, property and assets.

Netwatch maintains best-in-class PVM Communication Monitoring Centers with geo-diversity to maintain continuous vigilance of your dealership’s assets with total redundancy. These highly diversified and advanced security monitoring centers ensure constant and uninterrupted surveillance by our team of professionals.

PVM Communication Monitoring Centers employ cutting-edge surveillance and communication technologies including the latest advancements in AI-driven analytics, to ensure the highest levels of proactive situational awareness.

Netwatch specialises in providing security for car dealerships. By knowing the distinct security challenges and nuances of your business model, Netwatch PVM transcends traditional security services to support your distinct business needs.

Value Added Managed Services

In addition to PVM, Netwatch offers a number of value added managed services to further ensure the health safety and security of your business including: TempCheck automated temperature screening, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to detect and identity vehicle license plates/tags, Panic Buttons for personal protection of employees in potentially volatile locations; Netwatch Count to monitor facility occupancy levels; Netwatch Announce to broadcast recorded audio messages from your security system; and Access Control to manage and document who has access to your buildings. All seamlessly integrated managed services to provide the highest levels of security and business intelligence at the greatest value.

Netwatch specialises in providing security for distilleries. By knowing the distinct security challenges and nuances of your business model, Netwatch PVM transcends traditional managed services to support your specific security and business intelligence needs.


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