Case Study: Swan’s Electrical, 20 Years Protected by Netwatch


Swan’s Electrical Expert is based in Country Carlow and owned by Sean Swan. Sean has been a customer of Netwatch since the beginning.

Swan’s Electrical was one of the first Netwatch clients 20 years ago. Both Netwatch and Swan’s Electrical have come a long way in that time. Sean has moved locations and expanded, with Netwatch ensuring a safe environment throughout the journey.


Like many Netwatch clients, Sean’s journey began following a number of frightening and unsafe encounters with criminals at his business premises and he contacted Netwatch shortly after who got to work on implementing a robust defense against intruders.

We had one particular Dublin based gang of criminals that targeted me for a 3-4 month period, it was rather frightening, then Netwatch came on the scene shortly after that. Sean Swan – Swan Electrical

Current System Offered No Detection

Antisocial Behaviour on Premises

No Perimeter Protection


Swan Electrical no longer wanted to be concerned with fear and instead, focus on growing what is a thriving business in Carlow. To achieve that goal, their requirements included a robust security system, with prompt reaction times, that will give their team the peace of mind needed to focus on the success of their growing business.

Netwatch designed and installed a system to meet the challenges identified by their team and to address their concerns. Under the Managed Service offering, Netwatch assumed complete control from site design through installation, monitoring and maintenance.

To ensure antisocial behaviour does not negatively impact the business, Netwatch Loiter Detection was installed where necessary. Anyone lingering in these zones triggers an alert, and an audio warning is issued to deter potential damage.


Now, if there is ever a security breach, Netwatch Communication Hubs are alerted within seconds,  ensuring the highest level of response and security at all times. Swan Electrical is now operating in a fearless environment with Netwatch protecting their business.

There are other companies providing a similar type system and I have been approached by a number of them, but we would still remain loyal to Netwatch. Sometimes to get the business, people will offer you more a competitive package, but it’s not all about price. Netwatch gave me that confidence in their product and satisfaction, we’ve built up a good working relationship over the 20 years. Sean Swan – Swan Electrical

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