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Monitor and Control Access to Your Business

Along with protecting the perimeter of your site, Netwatch can also help control and document who has access to your buildings with advanced access control technology.

Netwatch will act as the gatekeepers, preventing any unauthorised entry to your facility. All door openings are flagged and recorded, synchronised with the CCTV system through the Netwatch platform.

Access Control
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The benefits of Netwatch access control:

  • Eliminates the need and costs associated with manned guards at access points
  • Remote access can allow 24/7 secure entry to the premises
  • Integration with your payroll and Time & Attendance systems
  • Specify access for secure zones
  • Track employee movement throughout the premises
  • All door openings are flagged, recorded & synchronised with the CCTV system through the Netwatch Platform


Netwatch Access Control Helps Ensure the Security of Your Business

Our access control solutions allow you to control entry to sensitive areas within your facility without having to use traditional keys, which can easily be lost, stolen, or replicated. Having to re-key a facility because of one lost or stolen key is expensive. If an access credential is missing, our access control system makes remediation easy: simply log in to your computer to disable the card and you’re done!

Standard features control doors and the times each person can gain access. Our solution allows for customizable access rights and allows easy selection and deselection of these rights. Defined access rights can be applied to specific doors, elevator floors, computers, business hours, holidays and more.

Always know who is on your facility’s premises and where their whereabouts along with custom badge designs and colors to define departments and identify vendors and guests.

Our access control solution can also be used for vehicle entry gates. Deliveries at odd hours Not a problem, manage gates remotely to accommodate controlled access to your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Add-on Services Offered by Netwatch:

Keyless facility entry

Automated scheduled openings and closings

Independent department control

Integrated biometrics

Personnel tracking/computer access

Email/text/voicemail notifications

Automated/supervised inventory deliveries

24/7 remote access – immediate suspension of cards

Multiple site/global systems

Easy to integrate with existing infrastructure

Completely customizable

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