Proactive Video Monitoring
Solutions for Every Business

Risk is an unavoidable part of operations for every kind of organisation. That’s why every industry can benefit from Proactive Video Monitoring. Netwatch offers a solution that helps to mitigate risk and reduce the consequences of crime for a wide range of different industries. If you don’t see your industry listed, contact us to discuss how PVM can make a positive difference for your business.


Car dealerships and rental lots with hundreds or more automobiles can be prime locations for theft and other criminal activity.

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From retail outlets to office buildings and campuses, all commercial establishments need a robust security solution.

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Construction sites are attractive environments for risk and can be dangerous places that require 24/7 oversight.

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Your cannabis business requires protection from theft, support for compliance and a shield from liability.

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Distribution and Logistics

With high volumes of products and packages moving through these facilities, theft and damage are common issues.

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Heavy Machinery

Heavy construction equipment has a high-risk profile for attracting loiterers and trespassers, increasing the chance for theft and damage.

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Protect your manufacturing facility with proactive video monitoring, the best way to keep risk off the premises.

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Mining and Quarries

Remote video monitoring is an ideal solution for mining sites, where it can be difficult for security officers to patrol effectively.

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Private Residences

Netwatch Managed Security Services protects your family, possessions and home with our managed services.

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Often remotely located, critical infrastructure is vital to our society and requires a robust solution for security and protection.

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