Incident Reporting for Proactive Video Monitoring

After a crime or other incident has occurred, it is important to generate a detailed report to document the event. Incident reports are a key feature of the Netwatch service, and an essential step in the Proactive Video Monitoring process.

Once an incident has occurred, our team provides a detailed report which:

  • Is issued within 24 hours of an incident
  • Provides the time and place of incident
  • Details how the Intervention Specialist interacted with the site
  • Explains the outcome
  • Is automatically sent to the key contacts
  • Includes still images of what triggered the event

Incident reports may be needed for:

  • Evidence in a trial
  • Information for law enforcement follow-up
  • Insurance policy requirements and claims
  • Compliance verification and audits
  • A record of the event to archive for any potential future need

Issued Within 24 hours of an Incident

Still Images and Detailed Explaination of Incident

Easily Export Info for Insurance, Compliance, and Regulations

24/7 Report Access Through App

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