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Our Mission

Netwatch was founded with a mission – to create a fearless environment for our employees and customers. Our objective from the start has always been to help prevent crime, mitigate risk, and keep people safe.

Our proactive monitoring platform puts action and information at your fingertips. Centered on a state-of-the-art software stack, our purpose-built system uses machine learning to continually improve performance and accuracy. And an open API service layer makes it easier to integrate with virtually any outside application.

The Netwatch video platform gives you more ways to connect, view, and gain insights about the state of the security environment at your facility.

Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive Video Monitoring is the best way to prevent crimes from occurring. In our Monitoring Centers, teams of highly-trained intervention specialists receive alerts when unusual activity is detected by our filtering software. They can then take action, providing a real-time audio warning to the intruder and often causing them to flee the scene, stopping the crime before it happens. The Intervention Specialists can also provide continuing real-time support to authorities.

Our best-in-class Proactive Video Monitoring centers offer geo-diversity to ensure continuous vigilance of your assets with total redundancy. If a storm knocks out power to one monitoring center, your service can continue without disruption.



With Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring Services, you get:

  • Dedicated team of Intervention Specialists
  • Rigorous internal training process
  • Five Diamond Certified
  • Provide live-audio intervention
  • US-based monitoring centers
  • Geo-diverse, fully redundant

State-of-the-Art Software Stack

The dedicated engineers in our research and development team are continually developing and seeking new technologies and system solutions that improve overall security. The software stack that powers Netwatch is the product of this ongoing evolution, and will continue to form the core of our offering.

Open API Service Layer

The ability to integrate with the widest possible range of mission-critical security and other systems is a key element of your video monitoring solution. That’s why we prioritize the ongoing development and maintenance of an open system as a fundamental objective for Netwatch.


Intelligent Alarm Machine Learning System

Netwatch’s filtering software is unlike any other technology on the market. It is designed to streamline the flow of live incidents across thousands of sites, enabling faster response with no nuisance alarms. Driven by machine learning, the system continually improves, increasing accuracy and quality.

This in turn enables faster reaction times and a reduction in false alarms, allowing our Netwatch Intervention Specialists to work to the highest industry standards.


System Health Check Monitoring

One of the most important jobs of a video surveillance system is to provide documentation after a crime has occurred on your premises. Visual evidence is crucial for identifying burglars and other individuals, verifying the exact sequence of events, protecting yourself from liability and more.

For this reason, it is terrible to discover, when checking footage after a security breach happens, that a camera was not working at the time of the incident. Unfortunately, this is a very common story. Even if you have installed a quality camera system, without checking the equipment on a daily (or hourly) basis, important video evidence can be missed.


Netwatch has been preventing crime and protecting assets across four continents for almost two decades. Start reducing your risk now with Netwatch.

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