Rapid Deployment Solutions to Meet Immediate Security Needs

There are times when you need to get a security solution up and running very quickly, without the usual time to consult, assess and install. For those situations, Netwatch offers several options for rapid security deployment as an additional offering in our Managed Services portfolio. 

Both our Commander and Eco-Commander Units can be installed, commissioned and fully operational at short notice. We can help you determine which is the right solution for your specific situation.  

Setting up your comprehensive end-to-end solution is what we do best, whether you have a year to plan or you need it done immediately. 

Netwatch Commander Unit installed on a construction site

Commander Unit

Get all the benefits of the Netwatch Platform, including the fastest industry response times, at short notice. The Netwatch Commander can be rapidly installed, commissioned and fully operational, ensuring your site is quickly protected by cutting edge Netwatch technology. If any perimeter breach or unwanted loitering is detected, we issue a live audio warning and notify the Gardaí and/or the key holders.


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Eco Commander Unit

For environments where there is no power or connectivity, the Eco-Commander provides a complete mobile security solution fueled by a Netwatch FuelCell of CO2 produced methanol, a carbon neutral energy source, Eco-Commander is the solution to protect people and assets where power and connectivity is an issue.


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The Netwatch Eco Commander self-sustaining unit

Perimeter Protection

Proactively protect the perimeter of your facility to keep your assets, people and premises safe and secure.

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Proactive Video Monitoring

Our purpose-built surveillance and response platform includes intervention specialists who issue live, personalized audio warnings.

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Add-On Services

A suite of managed services provides a comprehensive approach to addressing any shortfalls in security.

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You can’t protect your premises all the time, but we can…

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