Case Study: How Teeling Distillery Protect their Whiskey

Located in Dublin’s City Centre, the Teeling Distillery is the first whiskey distillery to have opened in Dublin, once a world whiskey distilling capital, in over 125 years.

The distillery was established by Jack and Stephen Teeling and is located close to where family ancestor Walter Teeling built a distillery in 1782. The symbol of the brand, a phoenix rising from a pot still, symbolizes the re-establishment of the Teeling whiskey brand. In its new location, the distillery employs approximately 55 individuals and is host to a visitor center, café and shop.


For their new state-of-the-art distillery, Teeling wanted to implement a robust security program. In addition to defending against potential intruders, they needed to ensure proper communications management in the event of a fire alarm. They contacted Netwatch while the facility was under construction phase, based on the good reputation of Netwatch service.

Once construction was complete, the Netwatch team conducted a full site risk survey and highlighted additional vulnerabilities in their security.

Current System Offered No Detection

Potential of Fire

Multiple Sites in Need of Security

Issues with Connectivity

Antisocial Behaviour on Premises

No Perimeter Protection


Teeling’s ultimate objective was for their daily operations no longer to be concerned with security. To achieve that goal, their requirements included a robust security system, with prompt reaction times, that will give their team the peace of mind needed to focus on the success of their growing business.

Netwatch designed and installed a system to meet the challenges identified by their team and to address Teeling’s concerns. Under the Managed Service offering, Netwatch assumed complete control from site design through installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Netwatch now provides total perimeter protection for all sites. The connectivity issue was solved with the deployment of Netwatch’s own broadband solution, and now live camera views are available at all times. The new system also delivers visibility in case of fire alarms, motion detection in unauthorised areas and personalised audio warnings to intruders.

To ensure antisocial behaviour does not negatively impact the business, Netwatch Loiter Detection was installed where necessary. Anyone lingering in these zones triggers an alert, and an audio warning is issued to deter potential damage.


Now, if there is ever a security breach, Netwatch Communication Hubs are alerted within seconds. Teeling’s specific protocol is then followed to ensure the highest level of response and security at all times. Teeling Whiskey is now operating in a fearless environment with Netwatch protecting their business.

“In the case of intrusion or fire, we have a very short window to escape detrimental damage. Netwatch response time is key to the success of our security. Protecting the product from theft, damage and contamination is essential to the success of the brand and maintaining their reputation.

Having Netwatch allows us the peace of mind to know our site and maturing whiskey are fully secure out of working hours.” Iain Wood, Operations Manager, Teeling Whiskey


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