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Netwatch Announce allows for pre-recorded audio messages to be broadcast from your current security system. It’s a highly cost-effective and efficient way to promote health and safety, increase productivity and even generate new sales depending on your specific application.  

Pre-record and broadcast a wide range of announcements to help enforce social distancing rules, provide updates on movement restrictions, or providing specific information on special promotions or services to your customers. Pre-recorded announcements can be scheduled on a timed basis to correlate with specific events, shift changes, customer peek buying times.  

The announcements are broadcast through your current Netwatch system. Netwatch Announce can be deployed remotely, with no need for site visits or any close interactions.  


Netwatch Announce Features

  • Accommodates multiple pre-recorded audio messages to be saved to your system 
  • General health safety recordings available from Netwatch for your sites 
  • Messages can be customized to meet your specific business needs   
  • Netwatch Announce can be deployed remotely 
  • Messages can be up to 20 seconds long 
  • Announcements can be issues as frequently as 5 minutes apart  

Benefits of Netwatch Announce

  • Utilise your current Netwatch System for audio announcements.
  • Inform your customers of health & safety rules on a timed basis.
  • Let your customers know about special offers.
  • Broadcast messages in various languages.
  • Target different messages at different times of the day.
  • No extra cost or equipment necessary to implement Announce feature.

Add-on Services Offered by Netwatch:

Access Control

Control and document who can enter various areas of your buildings with advanced access control technology.

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Netwatch Announce

Broadcast a wide range of announcements from your existing security system to help enforce social distancing rules, provide updates or inform customers of special promotions or services. 

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Netwatch Count

Keep track automatically of the number of people entering and exiting your facility in real-time using advanced analytics.

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Netwatch Visual Panic Solution

Give personnel an instantaneous means of sounding an alarm – with immediate “one-click” notification that an event is in progress.

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Netwatch ANPR

Accurately capture license plates on any type of vehicle in all weather conditions, with video footage for real-time alerts or forensic investigations.

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Netwatch TempCheck

This non-contact, touchless temperature screening solution employs advanced AI and thermal imaging technologies to accurately detect abnormal body temperatures.  

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