Proactively Protect the Perimeter
of Your Business

Many businesses have nothing more than a chain link fence protecting their perimeter. While that may be enough to keep a group of curious teenagers off your property, it is not enough to secure the premises from threats.

The best way to protect your organization is to monitor the perimeter and all external areas proactively so that potential threats can be identified immediately. This is true for all types of businesses – including construction sites, manufacturing facilities and auto dealerships, among others. If you need to maintain strict compliance and access protocols, or if you have valuable assets that require vigilant protection, it’s imperative to keep individuals with potentially damaging or dangerous intentions off your property.

Netwatch End-to-End Managed Solutions provides you with peace of mind knowing that your site is being protected. For a fixed daily fee, Netwatch designs, installs, monitors and maintains your CCTV security system – eliminating your security concerns and ensuring your perimeter is secure.

Perimeter Protection Solutions

Perimeter Protection

Proactively protect the perimeter of your facility to keep your assets, people and premises safe and secure.

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Proactive Video Monitoring

Our purpose-built surveillance and response platform includes intervention specialists who issue live, personalized audio warnings.

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Add-On Services

A suite of managed services provides a comprehensive approach to addressing any shortfalls in security.

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Why businesses need perimeter protection…

  • To detect intruders in real-time before they gain access to your facility, avoiding potential threats and liabilities
  • To reduce costly false alarms and fines
  • To document activities for compliance and risk mitigation
  • To eliminate theft, vandalism and other potential liabilities

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Add-on Services Offered by Netwatch:

Access Control

Control and document who can enter various areas of your buildings with advanced access control technology.

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Netwatch Announce

Broadcast a range of announcements from your existing security system to help communicate regulations and updates.

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Netwatch Count

Keep track automatically of the number of people entering and exiting your facility in real-time using advanced analytics.

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Staff Safety Solution

With just one push of a button, employees can immediately summon help and feel assured that someone is there to assist them.

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Netwatch ANPR

Accurately capture license plates on any type of vehicle in all weather conditions, with video footage for real-time alerts or forensic investigations.

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Netwatch TempCheck

This non-contact, touchless temperature screening solution employs advanced AI and thermal imaging technologies to accurately detect body temperatures.

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Industries Employing Netwatch PVM Perimeter Protection

Construction Sites face a number of security and compliance challenges requiring very strict limitations on access. Netwatch PVM maintains a vigilant watch over construction sites 24/7 to detect and prevent incidents before they escalate into costly incidents.

Auto Dealerships are the perfect environment for live monitored video surveillance, both because of the value of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft and vandalism. Netwatch PVM is specifically designed for your premises and gives complete peace of mind.

Warehouse/Logistics Facilities typically have high delivery traffic at various times throughout the day/week and contain valuable assets, making them particularly vulnerable. Netwatch PVM provides the ideal solution for granting and/or denying access and preventing incidents in real-time.

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