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The post pandemic world has new compliance mandates, including heightened attention to occupancy capacities and limitations for various types of corporate, industrial, education, dining and retail facilities. Knowing how many people are on premises at any given location or in a specific area within a location is critical information to monitor in real-time. 

With Netwatch Count, automatically keep track of the number of individuals entering and exiting your facility in real-time.  

A valued added managed service available to our monitoring customers, Netwatch Count provides a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for maintaining occupancy quotas.  Employing advanced people counting analytics applied to your existing video system, Netwatch Count allows operations management to automatically keep track of the number of individuals entering and exiting through specified areas of detection. Set the maximum occupancy capacity and receive a real-time alert when reaching specified thresholds to maintain safety and compliance mandates. 

With Netwatch Count you can . . .

  • Accurately and automatically monitors real-time occupancy of buildings without needing, storing, or invading visitor identity
  • Leverage your existing investment in video and CCTV technology to help maintain occupancy mandates
  • Help ensure that occupants can maintain appropriate distances from each other to contain the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious viruses
  • Allow facility management to manage the occupancy levels in specific interior areas such as canteens, restrooms, conference rooms, waiting areas…


Benefits of Netwatch Count:

  • Limit occupancy to compliant levels per sq. ft/mt 
  • Alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels 
  • Display real-time data on site, providing management with the data they need to regulate occupancy levels
  • Avoid crowding and delays 
  • Easily analyse and compare multiple locations 
  • Schedule cleaning on how frequently spaces are being utilized  

 Features of Netwatch Count:

  • Monitor entry/exit traffic at multiple points of entry 
  • Detect group or bi-directional movement 
  • Monitor numerous buildings of any space type simultaneously 
  • Trigger SMS notifications or visual warnings when predetermined limits are exceeded.  
  • Smartphone app for access to real-time occupancy data 


Add-on Services Offered by Netwatch:

Access Control: A Crucial Element of Commercial Alarm Systems

Control and document who can enter various areas of your buildings with advanced access control technology.

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Netwatch Announce: A Useful Feature for Business Continuity Management

Utilize your existing security system to broadcast a range of announcements, helping communicate regulations and updates, an essential part of Business Continuity Management.

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Netwatch Count: An Innovative Solution for Business Continuity Planning

Using advanced analytics, we help keep track of the number of people entering and exiting your facility in real-time, a vital tool in your BCM Plan.

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Staff Safety Solution: An Efficient Alternative to Manned Guarding

Empower employees with the ability to summon help immediately with just one push of a button, provideng a cost-effective Alternative to Manned Guarding.

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Netwatch ANPR: A Solid Strategy in your Risk Mitigation Plan

Our solution accurately captures license plates on any type of vehicle in all weather conditions, providing video footage for real-time alerts or forensic investigations.

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Netwatch TempCheck: A Helpful Tool for Business Continuity Planning

This non-contact, touchless temperature screening solution employs advanced AI and thermal imaging technologies to accurately detect body temperatures, an indispensable component of your BCM Plan.

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