Prevent Crime Before it Happens with Proactive Video Monitoring

The Problem

Why Traditional Video and CCTV Monitoring Needs to Change

Traditional video and CCTV Monitoring services have long been the standard for after-hours security in most facilities and campuses. However, this legacy solution does have a number of shortfalls.

Cameras document crime rather than preventing it

Security officers cannot be everywhere and can be affected by fatigue or distractions

Perimeter fencing and other obstacles can be easily bypassed 

The Solution

CCTV Monitoring in Ireland Evolves: Enter Proactive Video Monitoring

The best way to stop a would-be criminal in their tracks is with proactive video monitoring (PVM) – an evolved form of CCTV Monitoring in Ireland.

Traditional video monitoring and standard CCTV Monitoring Services typically react to incidents in two ways. For crimes already in progress, monitoring personnel view and verify an action triggered by an alarm and alert authorities. After a crime has been discovered, monitoring companies provide recorded surveillance footage to help identify criminals, provide evidence for arrests, and protect owners from liability. While these are all valuable services, none of them can actually prevent crimes from occurring.

Proactive video monitoring is different. As the name says, it is proactive – meaning that action is taken in advance of an incident, not during or after it occurs.

How it Works

Monitor. Intervene. Report.




Efficient Incident Reporting: Another Advantage of CCTV Monitoring Companies Like Netwatch

Discover How Netwatch Takes Incident Reporting Off Your Hands

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Always On

Geo-Diversity Ensures Continuity of CCTV Monitoring Service

One location is not enough to ensure continuity of service. In order to provide uninterrupted security to our clients we maintain two geo-diverse, monitoring hubs working in unison, each with the ability to take over the monitoring requirements of the other. We are fully redundant for emergency disaster recovery and backup, helping to ensure that there is no loss of service for our customers.

Our two monitoring centres are:

  • in separate locations
  • on a separate electrical grid
  • connected to separate networks
  • configured to allow for no single point of failure
  • using separate telecommunication systems

All of this gives our customers confidence in continued service during crises and is integral to an effective disaster recovery plan.

Collage of geo-diversity at play using Netwatch PVM

Our Software

Powered by Intelligent Software

Your dedicated team of trained specialists works within our purpose-built platform to monitor and respond to alarms. Our continued investment in the platform ensures our team is always working with the most innovative set of tools in order to seamlessly view live camera feeds within seconds of unauthorised activity and intervene in situations where criminal activity is occurring.

The Netwatch Platform uses machine learning algorithms to filter nuisance alarms and ensure we are responding to the most urgent incidents. The elimination of false alarms streamlines the alarm handling processes and helps save your valuable time.


This revolutionary proactive video monitoring software is unique to Netwatch and ensures real threats at your property are addressed in industry-leading response times. Through our state-of-the-art monitoring centres, the most advanced detection software and skilled intervention specialists, our customers benefit from the world’s leading proactive video monitoring service.

Netwatch's monitoring software being used with PVM
24/7 proactive video monitoring by Netwatch

Our Approach

The Better Way to Monitor Your Facility and Premises

Proactive video monitoring is not like traditional monitoring. The intelligent detection solution provides a 24/7, 365-day security guard. This reduces the need for hiring security officers, while improving the user’s ability to monitor and respond to threats.

With PVM, it’s possible to intervene before the crime happens, and prevent it from occurring. This differs from traditional monitoring, which is reactive – it prompts no action to be taken until during or after the crime has taken place. This can have severe consequences for the business owner.

Ultimately, reactive video surveillance is not the best or most efficient way to reduce crime at your facility. Violence, vandalism, theft and other criminal activity can devastate you financially. Using video to create a record, or even to notify authorities of an incident in progress, is not good enough. Proactive video monitoring is the better way to protect yourself and your business.

Why Choose Netwatch

Comprehensive CCTV Monitoring Solutions for Your Business

Licenced intervention specialists, who undergo rigours training and licence requirements processes.

One-hour fire-rated Alarm Room with multiple layers of security, allowing only cleared specialists access to the Command Room

Custom-designed central stations with technologically-advanced IT infrastructure for remote video monitoring 

Highly qualified and trained critical event intervention specialists providing 24/7/365 service to you and your customers 

Advanced mobile video applications in the case of an incident, with Incident Reports issued the following morning

Netwatch has been preventing crime and protecting assets across four continents for almost two decades. Start reducing your risk now with Netwatch.

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