Case Study: Enhanced Security for Mannok Premium Building Construction Products

One of our amazing clients, Mannok give us some insight into their journey and how Netwatch has played a part in it.


Mannok (formerly The Quinn Group) is one of the UK and Ireland’s most successful and experienced manufacturers of construction products. From its origins in the 1970s supplying sand and gravel to local builders and farmers, it has evolved into a multi-national business with an impressive portfolio of products. Mannok’s wide range of premium building materials includes high-performance rigid insulation, aircrete thermal blocks, cement, rooftiles and precast concrete products.


A large number of security breaches on construction manufacturing sites had resulted in downtime, low staff morale and huge monetary loss from damaged assets. The company was also burdened with the time and cost of rectifying the damage.

While there were professional security guards and video surveillance cameras in place at the Mannok sites, they were not able to cover all areas at all times. Video surveillance was a passive solution; it was only useful if intruders were clearly visible, and generally only provided a recording of what had already happened. The security solution in place did not include any element of crime prevention.

Mannok is a big part of the community and provides employment for many, so the management team needs to ensure we are working with the best partners to ensure a safe workplace and business continuity.

Kevin Lunney, Chief Operations Officer

Searching for a security partner to improve their current systems, Mannok contacted Netwatch to find a solution that would help them reduce risk and threats.

Problems faced by Mannok:

  • Protecting large manufacturing areas
  • Controlling accessibility from public roads
  • Monitoring remote locations
  • Maintaining staff health and safety
  • Reducing theft of high-value product and assets
  • Identifying and minimizing antisocial behavior
  • Limiting costly business downtime
  • Reducing public liability


The Netwatch team reviewed the issues, carried out an extensive site survey to assess the vulnerable areas, and proposed a technology solution to meet Mannok’s needs. In addition to recording 24/7/365, the new solution includes Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) and License Plate Recognition (LPR).

Proactive Video Monitoring provides Mannok with a purpose-built surveillance and response platform, and a dedicated team of US-based intervention specialists. This combination of video surveillance technology with the human element helps Mannok cost-effectively and efficiently protect their perimeters and facilities. As soon as any potential problem is detected, expert intervention specialists verify the situation and issue live, personalized audio warnings. These have demonstrated a 98% efficacy rate in deterring bad behavior and stopping crimes.

License Plate Recognition helps Mannok oversee the constant stream of vehicles entering the premises, often via remote mountain routes, to identify any vehicles that should not be on site. With public access from all roads, this is a significant support resource to help maintain security and safety for the manufacturer.

Each evening when the staff logs out, the Netwatch system is armed and covers the perimeter of the sites. If any perimeter is breached, the Netwatch Communication Hub is alerted and action can be taken instantly. Mannok now has additional protection, as well as the deterrent factor of knowing proactive monitoring is in place.


Mannok management now feels more confident about the safety of their personnel and protection of their high value assets.

The Netwatch System has resulted in a notable decrease in security breaches onsite, even across Mannok’s hundreds of acres. The staff are more comfortable in their working environment and the fear of antisocial behavior and monetary losses to the company has been reduced.

As a company we always look to improve professionalism and the way we use technology, Netwatch has embraced this for us and made a notable difference to the working processes of the staff and management of Mannok.

Kevin Lunney, Chief Operations Officer