Better Security for Mining and Aggregate Operations

Mining, quarries and aggregate operations face a broad array of security challenges including threats and liabilities related to perimeter intrusion, illegal mining, and mineral and equipment theft, as well as concerns for protecting worker safety. Each of these challenges have specific nuances that demand specific industry knowledge and expertise to resolve.

Common Challenges

  • Perimeters are a challenge since fencing is often impractical due to site sizes and their landscape. Fencing and other physical perimeter protection obstacles can also easily be circumvented.
  • Illegal mining is hard to prevent throughout all tunnels and remote locations.
  • Mining and aggregate vehicles and equipment are expensive assets, and the downtime to replace and repair them is very costly.
  • Securing assets and valuable and hazardous materials is challenging due to their movement throughout the site.
  • Guards are expensive, can’t have eyes and ears everywhere, and are subject to everyday distractions.
  • Mining and aggregate worker safety and security are critical!

Video surveillance cameras can help in providing wide area situational awareness, but they don’t prevent crime – they only document it – but only if they’re operational and properly placed at the time of the incident.

Virtual Live Surveillance is the Solution

Our innovative Proactive Video Monitoring platform allows mining operations to best protect people, property and assets. With our purpose-built platform and our dedicated team of Ireland and UK based intervention specialists, Netwatch delivers the perfect, and proven combination of purpose-built video surveillance technology with the human eye element to cost-effectively and efficiently protect your mining facility’s entire perimeter. The moment a potential problem is detected, our expertly trained specialists verify and intervene as needed, providing live-personalised audio warnings, which have a 98% efficacy rate in deterring bad behavior and stopping crimes. In fact, Netwatch PVM has proven effective in preventing over 80,000 crimes to date.

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Graphic with 98% efficacy in deterring bad behaviour

Here’s how it works…

Netwatch PVM enlists the expertise of our highly trained Intervention Specialists who have specialised skillsets to detect, analyse and address potential threats as they are unfolding in real-time. This enables them to respond instantly with the best course of action to de-escalate or minimise harm to people, property, and assets.

Netwatch maintains best-in-class PVM Communication Monitoring Centers based in Ireland and the UK with geo-diversity to maintain continuous vigilance of your property with full redundancy. These highly diversified and advanced security monitoring centers ensure constant and uninterrupted surveillance by our team of professionals.

PVM Communication Monitoring Centers employ cutting-edge surveillance and communication technologies including the latest advancements in AI-driven analytics, to ensure the highest levels of proactive situational awareness.

Netwatch specialises in providing security for mining operations. By knowing the distinct security challenges and nuances of your business model, Netwatch PVM transcends traditional security services to support your distinct needs.

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