Netwatch Managed Services: Your Partner for Company Security

Why Choose Netwatch, One of the Leading Security Surveillance Companies?

Your security infrastructure shouldn’t end at the perimeter. A comprehensive Company Security program needs to address all vulnerabilities to ensure optimal safety. As an end-to-end service provider, Netwatch, one of the top Security Surveillance Companies, is here to help you fill any critical gaps and provide operational efficiencies for your business.

Our Netwatch End-to-End Managed Services are designed with the needs of your business in mind. We offer a comprehensive approach to address any shortfalls in security with our core offerings and add-on services. Our objective is simple: to enhance your business’s security and make your life easier.

The Unique Advantages of Business Alarm Systems Offered by Netwatch

  • A clear, fixed daily fee
  • System selection, future-proofing your Business Alarm Systems
  • Complete service delivery including design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Regular software updates
  • Assurance that your premises and assets are always safe
  • We focus on your security, so you can focus on your business

Our end-to-end Commercial Security Systems extend beyond the perimeter, offering a wide range of additional services

Add-On Service: Netwatch’s Managed Commercial Alarm Systems 

A suite of managed services provides a comprehensive approach to addressing any shortfalls in security.

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Perimeter Protection: A Vital Component of Commercial Security System

Proactively protect the perimeter of your facility to keep your assets, people and premises safe and secure.

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Proactive Video Monitoring: An Essential Service of Security Monitoring Companies

Our purpose-built surveillance and response platform includes intervention specialists who issue live, personalized audio warnings.

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Add-on Services Offered by Netwatch:

Access Control: A Crucial Element of Commercial Alarm Systems

Control and document who can enter various areas of your buildings with advanced access control technology.

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Netwatch Announce: A Useful Feature for Business Continuity Management

Utilize your existing security system to broadcast a range of announcements, helping communicate regulations and updates, an essential part of Business Continuity Management.

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Netwatch Count: An Innovative Solution for Business Continuity Planning

Using advanced analytics, we help keep track of the number of people entering and exiting your facility in real-time, a vital tool in your BCM Plan.

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Staff Safety Solution: An Efficient Alternative to Manned Guarding

Empower employees with the ability to summon help immediately with just one push of a button, provideng a cost-effective Alternative to Manned Guarding.

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Netwatch ANPR: A Solid Strategy in your Risk Mitigation Plan

Our solution accurately captures license plates on any type of vehicle in all weather conditions, providing video footage for real-time alerts or forensic investigations.

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Netwatch TempCheck: A Helpful Tool for Business Continuity Planning

This non-contact, touchless temperature screening solution employs advanced AI and thermal imaging technologies to accurately detect body temperatures, an indispensable component of your BCM Plan.

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