Catalytic Converter Theft Is On The Rise

25 August 2021

Figures released by the Garda Siochana show that in 2017 just 79 catalytic converter thefts were recorded, this increased to 96 thefts in 2018. In 2019 the crim ...

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Netwatch expands with 50 new jobs

19 September 2021

The global proactive video monitoring company Netwatch, established in Carlow in 2003, has announced that it will create 50 new jobs over the next year.

Kurt Takahashi visits Netwatch Cullen Park

20 August 2021

Kurt Takahashi enjoyed his first trip to Ireland and was greatly welcomed by staff, clients and the community in County Carlow. The group CEO visited Netwatch Cullen Park to learn more about the importance of GAA in the local community.


#8 tips for Bank Holiday Weekend Security

27 July 2021

Attempted security breaches increase by as much as 30% on Bank Holiday weekends At Netwatch we see attempted security breaches increase over Bank Holiday weekends. Not only do they increase, but the breaches occur consistently over the weekend, and not just under the cover of darkness.

Netwatch Garda Youth Awards

Kilkenny/Carlow Garda Youth Awards 2021

09 July 2021

Young people from across Kilkenny Carlow Garda Division were honoured in a series of awards ceremonies across the three Districts of Kilkenny, Carlow and Thomastown today

security guard vs CCTV

CCTV System or Security Guard - What Is the Best Choice for Your Business?

28 June 2021

Security guards and CCTV systems are used by businesses across the country. In this article, we look at a list security considerations to see how the two compare.

Uses for Eco Commander

6 Uses of Eco-Commander

03 June 2021

When we developed Eco-Commander, our team carefully considered the problems it would solve, from illegal dumping, antisocial behaviour, public safety, to public liability or criminal activity and more. 

No Power? No Problem.

17 May 2021

We’re very excited to introduce the Eco-Commander, an easily deployed, robust security solution for any location where power is an issue because let’s face it, there isn’t always a socket or power source to hand.

Logo competition

Create a logo for Kilkenny/Carlow Garda Youth Awards 2021

11 February 2021

We want young people aged 13 - 21yrs to hand draw a logo that signifies the essence of these awards.

7 Christmas Security Tips to Help Keep Your Business Safe

06 December 2020

In all our years protecting businesses in Ireland, Christmas is always one of the busiest times of the year for our Interventions Specialists.

commercial cctv camera system

Choosing the Right Commercial CCTV Camera System

10 November 2020

Here we examine the most important things to consider when considering a commercial CCTV camera system for your business.

2020 Crime Stats Ireland

2020 Crime Stats for Ireland

03 November 2020

Every month we update this article with the latest Netwatch crime stats.

Security in a storm

How to Avoid Security Disruptions During a Storm

28 October 2020

Storms can cause havoc for affected businesses if the appropriate precautions are not taken ahead of time. Here we look at some common threats and the best solution to each.

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