By now, you probably have heard us talking about Eco-Commander, our new self-powered security solution. At Netwatch, we understand more than most, that keeping your property secure is an ongoing challenge. Simply put, if you have valuables on-site, you are a target for intruders, and if you partner with Netwatch, it’s our job to make sure we keep you and your site fully protected.  

When we developed Eco-Commander, our team carefully considered the problems it would solve, from illegal dumping, antisocial behaviour, public safety, to public liability or criminal activity and more. Because of the problems it solves, while not limited to any particular industry, the Eco-Commander can be utilised in the following industries: 


We’ve been securing sites for over 20 years and understand the challenges faced. Construction sites are often located in open areas without permanent perimeter fencing or roofing. A greenfield site or at the early stages of a project, there may be no access to power, and without adequate security thieves can strike at any time. The Eco-Commander can be deployed in a matter of hours, bringing its own power and connectivity, a visible deterrent for would-be intruders. 



From planting, growing, protecting, managing and harvesting, forestry is at the heart of many industries in Ireland. Timber theft and illegal dumping is an ongoing concern for Irish forestry owners. Securing a forest, like a construction site, can be quite tricky. Getting access to power is a common problem, this is one of the reasons we introduced Eco-Commander, a 100% self-powered CCTV solution. It can be placed on any terrain, and will require no maintenance for up to 3 months. A perfect solution for remote or hard to reach areas. 


Local Councils 

Since the recent lockdowns, local councils throughout the country have witnessed an upsurge in antisocial behaviour, having an impact on public safety for many. Having a visible and robust CCTV security solution would record such negative behaviour and the visual presence will act as a deterrent for would-be vandals and those engaging in anti-social behaviour. There can be problem locations at different times of the year, and the Eco-Commander can be dropped onsite to protect certain areas as a temporary measure. 



Quarry sites can span over thousands of acres and tend to be in remote areas. With valuable equipment in some areas, they can be perfect target for theft. There is also the risk of innocent trespassers being in danger without realising, add good weather into the mix and a quarry can be an outdoor swimming pool and adventure centre for trespassers. This increases the risk for not only vandalism, but there is public safety consequences when it comes to injury and liability for quarry owners. The Eco-Commander is mobile and roboust, so it will withstand all the elements and can protect those out of the way areases without the need for any power and minimal maintenance.  



While monitored CCTV is a prominent feature in all airports, there are a lot of surrounding areas such as depots, carparks and temporary storage areas that need to be secured. The robust Eco-Commander is the perfect solution to provide immediate protection and security. 



We will soon begin to welcome back live events. The same concerns regarding security and the safety of patrons will still exist, given the volume of people gathered at a particular location. Take Electric Picnic for example, an outdoor event enjoyed by 70,000 people in what effectively takes place across a number of fields in Stradbally, Laois. There will be certain ‘out of bounds’ areas for people, and the Eco-Commander is the perfect solution for this. Not only is it an easy deployable and powerless solution, but it is also robust enough to withstand the inevitable bad weather that we have all witnessed at festivals! 


In summary, the Eco-Commander provides a mobile security solution that brings its own power and connectivity to protect people and assets in vulnerable locations, like those outlined above. It can be deployed with your site being monitored in a matter of hours. There is minimal servicing required within the lifetime of its operation. If you would like to know more, complete the contact form on this link and a security expert will get in touch within 24 hours.