In the ever-evolving landscape of security, the limitations of traditional video and CCTV monitoring systems are becoming increasingly evident. Documenting crimes after they occur, the restricted reach of security officers, and vulnerabilities in perimeter defenses have underscored the need for innovative security solutions. 

Why Traditional Video and CCTV Monitoring Falls Short

  • Camera’s document crime rather than preventing it. 
  • Security officers have limited reach and can be affected by fatigue or distractions. 
  • Perimeter fencing and obstacles can be easily bypassed. 


Enter Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM): A Revolutionary Step Forward

How Proactive Video Monitoring Works:


Intelligent software detects a threat in the CCTV Monitoring System. The Netwatch Platform, incorporating advanced CCTV Monitoring System and computer vision software analytics, swiftly alerts intervention specialists upon detecting unauthorized activity. 


A live audio warning is issued directly to the intruder during the Live CCTV Monitoring process. In 98% of cases, this warning deters criminals. For persistent threats, the intervention specialist follows pre-determined protocols, notifying law enforcement or taking other actions as needed.


Incident reports are generated within 24 hours, providing clients with comprehensive details and visuals. Netwatch’s innovative response protocols stand out among CCTV Monitoring Companies, ensuring a swift and efficient post-incident reporting process.


Traditional Video Surveillance Limitations and the Need for Innovation

Limitations of Traditional Video Surveillance Systems:

Only record crime

Reactive video CCTV systems are technologically ill-equipped to prevent crime; they can only record it. 

Dated technology

Recent developments in CCTV monitoring technology mean modern surveillance systems incorporate high-quality IP cameras. 

Inefficient & Costly

Reactive CCTV is not an efficient or effective means of tackling crime at your property. 


Benefits of Proactive Video Monitoring

Now, let’s explore the tangible benefits that Proactive Video Monitoring brings to the table:

Maintains secure property

PVM works in real-time, intervening on intrusions before they occur. 

Response times

Swift and efficient responses, resulting in quicker police response time. 

False alarm reduction

Intelligent detection software distinguishes between threats and non-threats. 

Cut costs

Proactive monitoring results in fewer nuisance security guard call-outs. 

Audio deterrent

Intruders are deterred by live, personalized audio warnings. 

Liability protection

Well-suited to properties with health and safety risks. 

System health checks

Constant monitoring and reporting of equipment status. 


Elevate your business security with cutting-edge Proactive Video Monitoring. Our innovative approach surpasses traditional methods, preventing incidents before they occur. Discover the power of advanced technology, swift intervention, and comprehensive reporting. Interested in fortifying your business against potential threats? Connect with us today to explore the future of security solutions. Your safety is our priority.