Being the original in any business sector is an outstanding achievement and sets the bar which competitors then seek to reach. In the world of Proactive Video Monitoring Netwatch is a stand-out leader.

Netwatch combines the best technology in the industry with a team of people dedicated to customer service and the prevention of crime against the premises and sites it protects.

In 2003, when Netwatch was established in Carlow, there was no one else offering a proactive video monitoring service. Netwatch has spent almost two decades developing and enhancing its service and can confidently say they provide a superior service in their industry.

Netwatch revolutionised the Irish security market introducing the first ‘real time’ remote visual monitoring system that, unlike passive security cameras, allowed for interventions to take place as soon as the security perimeter was breached. This provides immediate, preventative, and cost-effective solutions for clients. It is now a world leader in proactive video monitoring with a stated mission ‘to create a fearless environment’ where clients can feel safe and secure in their business.

The Netwatch success has been achieved through a combination of factors. It has been driven not only by outstanding technology, but by the collective experience of a team of professional and enthusiastic people. This close-knit team collaborating internally, with customers and within the global security industry, has enabled the leading proactive video monitoring service provided today.

Colin Hayes Solution Specialist – Colin Hayes, Head of Business Ireland & UK.

“For 20 years I have worked with our clients to create safe environments. My job is to listen, understand the risks and resolve them. We know how to take security pain away from our clients.”

Colin has been part of the Netwatch story for nearly 20 years. He has visited hundreds of sites, helping clients overcome their security issues and fears. After all these years Colin truly understands what our clients need. He understands what is important and can spot security weaknesses at a glance.

This is not just about areas where your site can be at risk, it is areas where you can improve your business operations, make savings, and allow clients to concentrate on their business. Colin will take on the security pain for you. Once you meet with Colin, security is no longer a worry for you. Colin will step in and with the team, see where you can improve your security operations, map out a system, decide what technology is needed. He will ensure you are fully secured, and that security no longer something that impedes your time.

Des O’Brien – Security Engineer

“Having installed thousands of systems for Netwatch clients, my favourite part of the job is seeing the relief on a customer’s face when the installation is complete. They finally feel safe.”

Des has been on the road for Netwatch for 15 years. He has been part of the evolution of the Netwatch service. Des has worked wit

Des and Susan

h security technology, from the old systems to the amazing options available today, Des has seen it all.

Not only does Des have a wealth of experience with security systems, but also the experience of communicating with clients over the years.  Des understands the importance of a Netwatch System to someone’s peace of mind and takes pride in ensuring the right outcome for Netwatch clients.

Monitoring Hub – Susan Morris, Intervention Specialist

“I have intervened in thousands of incidents on customer sites over the years, deterring intruders before any damage is done. I know how to rea d a situation and keep our customers safe.”

Netwatch focus solely on video monitoring and have a highly skilled team in our Monitoring Hub. Netwatch intervention specialists, like Susan, undergo in-depth training to ensure they are prepared to deal with all situations speedily and effectively. We have an R&D department who work side by side with our Monitoring team. R&D collaborate with our specialists, and develop solutions to create a more efficient workflow, which in turn leads to more secure customer sites.

Our monitoring hubs have a low turnover of staff, meaning we have people with years of experience securing sites and are committed to our clients safety. The team have an in-depth knowledge of our clients sites, and know how to react to different situations. Our incoming staff are trained by the best, and our established team care greatly about our customers. You are in safe hands with Netwatch Intervention Specialists.

Software Development – Liz Maher – Quality Assurance Lead

“I love being part of the inhouse R&D team at Netwatch. We listen to our customers and develop technology that adapts to their evolving needs. Seeing homegrown Netwatch technology being deployed globally makes me proud.”

Netwatch has led the way in developing its own proprietary software platform. Over the past 20 years, the Netwatch in-house Research and Development department has worked to progress the Netwatch platform by listening to its customers and developing technology that evolves with customer needs.

Through the Netwatch R&D team’s technological advancement of the Netwatch software, Netwatch has achieved an industry leading track record. The Netwatch software has enabled the prevention of over 80,000 crimes to date.

The role of Liz and the R&D team is to ensure, and enhance, the safety of Netwatch clients.

Team Player – Mick Galwey – Brand Ambassador

“Being part of a team the sets it’s sights high and achieves great things has always been my motivation. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the Netwatch Team”

Mick Galwey is a key part of the Netwatch team. Mick brings a sense of confidence and security when he is around. As an accomplished sports star Mick is no stranger to hard work and dedication, and he brings that with him to the Netwatch team. He has spent over 10years with Netwatch, knowing that he is with a team who are making such a positive impact on people’s lives.

Netwatch work hard to protect clients, and also make sure to work hard to give back to the communities we work in.

Customer – Sean Swan – Swan’s Electrical

Swan’s Electrical Expert is based in Country Carlow and owned by Sean Swan. Sean has been a customer of Netwatch since the beginning.

“I never worry about our security because we use Netwatch. We have trusted their people and their technology to protect us for almost 20 years.”

Swan’s Electrical was one of the first Netwatch clients 20 years ago. Both Netwatch and Swan’s Electrical have come a long way in that time. Sean has moved locations and expanded, with Netwatch ensuring a safe environment throughout the journey.

Like many Netwatch clients, Sean’s journey with them began following frightening and unsafe encounters with criminals at his business premises but ever since he turned to Netwatch, all that fear has gone away, and he can sleep soundly at night. He leaves the security to Netwatch, while he gets on with growing his business.

Sean would definitely say, ‘put your security in the hands of the original’.

If you would like to put your security in the hands of the Original just fill in the form below and one of our experienced team will be in contact.