Make sure your school premises are protected with the right security.

With the Summer holidays fast approaching and leaving your school premises almost vacant for these months, it’s a good time to consider installing a cost-effective security solution.  School premises become highly vulnerable to break-ins and anti-social behaviour during the holidays.

While you may have a good security solution in place over the term, when it comes to holidays the risks change. Challenges that can occur at this time can include:

  • Loitering from groups of youths on and around the grounds
  • Opportunistic criminals see the vacant premises as an easy target
  • Building work happening at this time, leaving valuable equipment and potential dangers onsite
  • Potential for hazards to go unnoticed as infrequent staff onsite during this time

Security protecting the school during the term, may not mitigate the risks that evolve over the holiday times. There is not a need to expand the system permanently, but a temporary solution could ensure these extra risks are managed over these months.

“We are extremely happy with Netwatch, they really live up to their 24/7/365 availability. Their accessibility, customer service and attention to detail really takes a lot of weight off our shoulders. We feel we are in safe hands with Netwatch..”  

Deborah Dunne, Príomhoide, Kingswood Community College