Colin Hayes, our Head of Business, was honoured to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland during her recent visit to Carlow. Ambassador Clare D. Cronin heard about the Netwatch story so far, from proud Carlow origins to its rapid expansion in the US marketplace.

With particular interest in the US side of the business, the Ambassador was shown how the Netwatch platform works, along with the benefits and scalability of our PVM service.

Colin explained the culture within Netwatch and the part Netwatch plays in local communities; ‘We work with the ethos that strong communities build strong companies. Carlow has been very good to Netwatch, and we want Netwatch to play our part in the Carlow community. We are privileged to be involved in many initiatives including Netwatch Cullen Park, Garda Youth Awards and more’

Pictured above – David Walsh (Netwatch Co-Founder), Ambassador Cronin & Colin Hayes