Whilst we all enjoy the summer months with bright mornings and long evenings, it can be a busy time of the year for would-be intruders. Looking at June, July & August we were happy to see, that after an extremely busy start to the year, there was a slight decrease in security breaches for the Summer months of 2021.


When we further examined the figures, it showed that July was the busiest month for attempted security breaches for Netwatch clients. In addition, car dealership incidents rose by 41% in July compared to the month before. The long evenings can coincide with people having a walk around and harmlessly viewing new cars, but this innocent activity can pose a threat to people and property.


In terms of when intruders are most likely to strike in the summer months; overall Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days. However, we did see a substantial increase in Monday activity during August. This tends to be a consistent trend when we look at the previous quarter and the corresponding period in 2020. Overall, the weekends are a time for businesses to be most vigilant of their security arrangements.


Interestingly, between 6pm and midnight was the time intruders were most active over the summer. This is not surprising given that premises such as car dealerships close around 6pm, as do warehouses, factories, quarries and other businesses. But we do always advise caution, as we did see a 22% increase in attempted breaches from 6am to 12noon in July when compared to June.


There is a continuing trend where we see large groups gathering around different sites, and sometimes these individuals access the premises without authorisation. Whilst this may not pose a major threat to the business, it can lead to property damage and/or injury to those involved. Keeping people out of business premises is as much about protecting them, as it is about protecting property.


Source: Netwatch internal incident report June-August 2021