Netwatch CEO Kurt Takahashi had the pleasure of once again meeting with Carlow GAA Chairman, Jim Bolger and Carlow GAA Pro, Ger Doyle.

Mr Takahashi is based in California, and on his first visit to the Netwatch team in Carlow last year he visited Netwatch Cullen Park. There he met with Jim Bolger and some of the Carlow players for an introduction to the world of Gaelic football and Hurling. He surprised the team with his natural ability with both the football and hurl, managing to get both over the bar.

Jim Bolger said, “It was a pleasure to once again welcome Kurt to Carlow GAA. Netwatch is very much a Carlow company that is dedicated to the local community. It is so encouraging to see Kurt’s interest and commitment to our partnership. Although he is not based here in Carlow, he understands and encourages the community aspect of Netwatch and the GAA.”

On this occasion Jim and Ger invited Kurt to visit the Centre of Excellence in Fenagh. Jim explained the purpose of this facility and the plans for the future. This visit coincided with the Poc Fada event happening at the Nine Stones, Mt Leinster. Mr Takahashi made the trip to the highest point in Carlow and followed the Poc Fada in the typical Irish Summer of rain and wind!

Mr Takahashi commented; ‘In the US we have are avid sports fans and love the teams we follow, but it’s not the same as the parish commitment that I see and feel here in Ireland. I love the passion that exists within the world of GAA, it seems like you don’t choose who to support, you’re born into it. The Netwatch partnership with Carlow GAA is very important to us and something we are very proud of.’

Carlow GAA also presented Kurt with a Carlow jersey which he will proudly wear when he is back stateside, an honouree Carlow man!

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