Netwatch CEO Kurt Takahashi had the pleasure of visiting with our long time customer, West Cork Distillers, during his recent visit to Netwatch Ireland & UK.

Colin Hayes, head of business and brand ambassador, Mick Galwey, accompanied Kurt on the trip to the state-of-art distillery at Marsh Road, Skibbereen in county Cork. Kurt was excited to finally make the journey to the beautiful area of Skibbereen to see the largest wholly Irish owned distillery.

During their visit, the team were given a tour of the exterior areas, seeing how and where the Netwatch PVM solution is creating positive impacts for their business.

The tour continued to the site interiors where they were shown the West Cork distilling process from start to finish, with the guys even getting to lend a hand along the way!

Mick Galwey has a longstanding relationship with West Cork Distillery and goes above and beyond to provide the best service for his customers. Here is a little more about the Netwatch and West Cork Distiller partnership – watch video.

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