Pictured (L to R) at the annual final year computing showcase at SETU Carlow; Nigel Whyte, Head of Department of Computing at SETU Carlow, Simon Walshe, Software Development Lead, Netwatch Group, Chi Leong Ng, winner of the Software Development category and Dr Joseph Kehoe, GameCORE director and senior computing lecturer at SETU Carlow.

This year’s winning projects from the department of computing at South East Technological University have been revealed.

Amongst the winning projects included a driving companion app that can rate your driving skills, a crypto based mining game and a system that finds weaknesses in hardware, software, and operating systems were the top winners of South East Technological University’s (SETU) 11th annual showcase of final year computing projects, sponsored by Netwatch.

Chi Leong Ng won the Software Development category for his project Driving Companion App. Chi Leong Ng developed a mobile phone app to track the speed, acceleration, and deceleration during a user’s driving journey. The data is then analysed and a score is given, so that the driver can understand all aspects of their driving skills and improve them.

Jonathon Bourke won the Cybercrime and IT Security category with his project CVE-Guard. This vulnerability management aid protects IT systems from attacks by identifying, evaluating, remediating, and documenting security weaknesses. Following good quality vulnerability management practices is vital in reducing an organisation’s attack surface and prioritising relevant security threats that are constantly discovered.

Michael Rainsford Ryan was the winner of the Computer Games Development category with Mecha-Miners – a blockchain mining game. Mecha-Miners is a crypto-based game with online multiplayer, fast paced battles, and tons of fun upgrades and gadgets. The game is built in the Godot engine and utilises a server-side GraphQL interface to communicate with Enjin for its blockchain capabilities as the game’s currency.

Simon Walshe, Software Development Team Lead at Netwatch Group was very impressed with the excellent standard of real world projects, “This is our second year partnering with this showcase, but Netwatch has been involved with the computing department on SETU’s Carlow campus for many years now. Each year we are lucky to welcome some of these students into our R&D department as part of our internship programmes. The quality of the projects from this year’s graduates is amazing, and it’s very encouraging to see they are aimed at real world issues. We got to see a wide variety of technologies used, everything from blockchain to machine learning. We’d like to congratulate all the students involved and wish them the very best of luck in the future.”

Nigel Whyte, Head of Department of Computing, SETU Carlow stated, “The demand by employers for SETU computing graduates is high, they are regarded as industry-ready and capable of collaborating with the world’s largest tech firms, as seen by the calibre of projects on display at this year’s showcase. I’m delighted to have the continued support of Netwatch as sponsors of the showcase and indeed collaborative partners on some final year projects. As this year’s computing graduates embark on their professions, I wish them every success and happiness in a job they enjoy.”

For more information on the Department of Computing, SETU Carlow, please visit: https://www.itcarlow.ie/courses/department/computing-networking.htm